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10,000 BC approximately The end of the ice age melts water enough to separate the land mass between modern-day mainland Australia and Tasmania.

1642 Abel Janszoom Tasman (of the Dutch East Indies Company) is the first European to sight Tasmania. He names it Van Diemen’s Land after the governer-general of the Dutch East Indies (modern-day Indonesia). {The original name for Tasmania has been referenced often in popular culture.}

1772 Europeans start to settle Van Diemen’s Land, first the French, then the British.

1825 Van Diemen’s Land becomes a colony on its own right.

1830 Black Line” campaign to round up Aborigines started. Protector of the aborigines, George Augustus Robinson, attempts to move them to Flinders Isand. While Black Line fails, many Aborigines do move to Flinders Island.

1830 Port Arthur, Australia’s largest penal system, was established.

1836 Charles Darwin visits Tasmania as part of his round-the-world trip.

1856 The name officially changes from Van Diemen’s Land to Tasmania.

1869 Truganini, possibly the last full-blooded Tasmanian Aborigine, dies.

1877 Port Arthur, Australia’s largest penal system, closed.

1901 Australia becomes a commonwealth, and Tasmania becomes a state in Australia.

1947 World War II European migrants move to Tasmania for work.

1997 Tasmania is first state to formally apologize to Aborigine community.


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