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Regardless of  your preferences, you will find it in Rio de Janeiro. Which also means you will find things you probably wouldn’t have sought on your own. To me, that means one thing… inspiration.



I love comfort. Who doesn’t? I think Brazilians, especially those from Rio de Janeiro, perfected comfort. An easy way to add Brazilian comfort flare to a normally stuffy life (not pointing any fingers, just making some generalizations)? Buy Havainas! These are the flip-flops many Brazilians swear by. They are often imitated, but your feet know the difference! The best part? They’re affordable. More expensive flip flops set you back quite a bit, but Havainas are cheap enough you can get a pair for each bathing suit… or at this time of year… wool coat?

{Photo Credit Havainas}


rafaelRio de Janeiro has style and Rafael Simoes Miranda exemplifies. A design Renaissance Man. He works in more than one field, but there is one common thread – innovation. Check out his website to get a glimpse of his other projects.

{Photo Credit Rafael Simoes Miranda}



The Campana Brothers have used the connection they have with their home country to create the Favela Chair (the top image). They continue to impress the design community with their originality. Check them out below and purchase their products at Moss.

{Images From Moss}

Here are some more links to Brazilian artists:


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