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Singapore at a Glance


Singapore! To me, it’s one of those places I’ve always been aware of, but didn’t know much about. So, let’s start with some basic. This is where Singapore is:

map1{Image credits Wikipedia, Google}

This is what Singapore looks like at night:

night{Image Credit I’ll Never Grow Up}

or from another angle:

night2{Image Credit Alex Steffler}

Oh, and look, they have a Starbucks!

starbucks{Image Credit Alex Steffler}

I like the Dynasty Travel in the background. I haven’t really been to a city with a whole building with a travel company’s name on it. I decided to look them up… here’s more information.

Singapore is:

  • 26 x 14 miles… it’s shorter than a marathon!
  • a little more than 3.5x Washington D.C.
  • populated with 4 million people.

The number 1 reason I’d like to travel to Singapore in real life? To experience the Singapore Airlines A380 Suites:

suite_seatfeature_1{Image Credit Singapore Air}

Just kidding. As much as I would love to experience these suites, there are many reasons I would love to visit Singapore. I LOVE big cities, tall buildings, especially in the tropics. I plan to stop in Singapore for a week (or less) the next time I head over to Asia, so I’m really looking forward to learning more and would really love YOU to join me.


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