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Cooking recipes found on the web tips:

  1. The recipe that forms the basis for your grocery list… yeah, you should save that recipe somewhere.
  2. It is really difficult to find some recipes after you close the window.
  3. Because the ingredient, that you went downtown to a more authentic ethnic grocery store to buy, doesn’t pop up in the dish’s recipe anymore.
  4. At least none you can find.
  5. When you decide to just go with a different recipe, and pass on that ingredient, save the new recipe.
  6. It is really difficult to find some recipes after you close the window.
  7. So now, you can’t find the two recipes you really wanted to try.
  8. And have to use an alternate.
  9. So be flexible, because while you may have made the whole experience more difficult than it needed to be.
  10. Sometimes, you get a delicious result anyway.


So, this is my version of Mee Goreng… which I’ve also seen as Mie Goreng and Mi Goreng. On my initial search for a recipe from Singapore, I came across some sources that said “Mee Goreng” should be the national dish of Singapore, and I set my sights on making it.

After purchasing the ingredients for the disappearing recipe, I learned more about Mee Goreng. It’s a dish with roots in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. There are a lot of restaurants in Singapore that serve Mee Goreng, and I figure if I were in Singapore, I would try it. So, I did. And I liked it. I loved it.

It’s the fusion of all those countries that make this dish so memorable. Curry. Soy Sauce. Chili sauce. Ketchup. Who knew that combination would be so delicious? There was even the added ingredient of Oyster Sauce in the mysterious disappearing recipe. Next time.

If you are looking to try the Singaporean version of Mee Goreng, here are some links:


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I loved the goulash so much, I had to try the Paprika Chicken. I made the recipe over at Food By Country and it was amazing. Seriously. I don’t know how Hungarians travel places that don’t carry their local cuisine.


The only thing I would do differently from the Food By Country recipe is add some salt and pepper. I steamed some potatoes and had the dish over fork-mashed potatoes. These recipes were really delicious and I plan to try the butter cookies over the weekend (secret ingredient: no, not paprika, but sour cream… yummy!).

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