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For those that want to get more perspectives of Singapore, I give you a selection of books and movies set in Singapore!

Movies set in Singapore

Singapore Dreaming

Books set in Singapore

From Third World to First : The Singapore Story: 1965-2000

Singapore The Encyclopedia

My Kiasu Teenage Life in Singapore: A novel for anyone who is or was once a Teenager
Do you have any more recommendations?


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Cook up some meat pies, make a trip to the library or surf on over to netflix and borrow/rent a book or movie set in Tasmania. You are now ready to have a Tasmanian experience, of sorts.

There aren’t a lot of modern movies set in Tasmania, but you may find a few. Here’s my suggestions

Tale of Ruby Rose

Dying Breed a scary film, with the trailer below and an article about the film here

If you aren’t in the mood to watch movies, here are some books to read:

The Rainbow and The Rose
Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger

Do you have any more suggestions?

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riodejaneiroHere are some recommendations for books and movies set in Rio de Janeiro! I suggest that you read a book or two and watch a movie or two to get a nice feel for the Rio de Janeiro vibe.



Central Station
Favela Rising

City of God

Get the Family Involved

It’s my personal desire to encourage kids to learn about other cultures. It’s never to early. Whenever possible, I will add kid and family-friendly options for anything we do. For Rio de Janeiro, I have found some great stories for kids about Brazil. Add some of these books to your kids library and see what conversations they inspire!

Do you have any suggestions you’d like to add to my list?

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In order to get ready for our first trip, I’m going to go ahead and offer up some recommendations for movies and books about Hungary, specifically set in Budapest. While I doubt you will have time, energy, and finances to watch and read each option, I highly suggest that you try to watch at least two movies.


There’s a great list of Hungarian films here, I narrowed down that list to films that were centered around Budapest and seemed extremely interesting.

I Love Budapest This film is not rated. I couldn’t find a trailer with English subtitles.

Kontroll… and here’s a preview:


Prague: A Novel Interestingly, this actually takes place in Budapest.
Budapest: A Novel This is a good option because part of the story takes place in Budapest, the rest in Rio de Janeiro, which will be the city we visit right after Budapest!

Children Books

The Valiant Red Rooster: A Story from Hungary
Elisabeth: The Princess Bride, Austria-Hungary, 1853 (The Royal Diaries)
Hungary (Enchantment of the World. Second Series)

We will review the movies (any movie, not just the ones listed above… ANY Budapest/Hungarian film) on Monday, January 5. On Thursday, January 15, we’ll chat a little about some of the book options.

I am currently reading Prague: A Novel (and I’m really enjoying it). I’m hoping to watch Kontroll, it is on Netflix… I might have to sign up for an account

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