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A Short Break

Hi Everyone,

I will be taking a short break as I travel away from home to go on vacation for a little bit. Regular blogging will continue on February 16 with our next destination: Dubai (subject to change, though not likely to change). In the meantime, I thought I would leave you some links to my favorite travel sites on the web.

  • Family on Bikes Follow this family (2 parents, 2 kids) as they travel from the top of Alaska to the bottom of Argentina… and blog about it! Sound impossible, well they’ve crossed the USA once before, and are already in the middle of Mexico. VERY interesting, inspiring and insightful…
  • The Travelers Notebook A fun site with a large variety of articles on anything remotely travel related.
  • Chicago Bloggers I’ll be in Chicago, so I’m sending some love north to the Chicago Bloggers.

See you soon!


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introToday is Australia Day and also happens to be the kickoff to our next destination, Tasmania. Where exactly is Tasmania, you ask? Well, it’s a little island south of Australia.

map{Photo Credit CIA World Factbook}

So, now that we’re set on where Tasmania is, let’s take a moment to wish our favorite Australian’s a Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day, Hugh Jackman!

We’ll be back throughout the week with more information on TASMANIA!

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I personally like knowing what’s going on in other places… without getting bombarded with too much information. Is that bad? In general, when I’m far away from a place, I don’t need every detail of every event that’s happening there. But, I do like to keep up with the big stuff. AND my local paper just doesn’t seem to cover the big stuff.

For Budapest, I suggest the blog Budapest 2009.

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I loved the goulash so much, I had to try the Paprika Chicken. I made the recipe over at Food By Country and it was amazing. Seriously. I don’t know how Hungarians travel places that don’t carry their local cuisine.


The only thing I would do differently from the Food By Country recipe is add some salt and pepper. I steamed some potatoes and had the dish over fork-mashed potatoes. These recipes were really delicious and I plan to try the butter cookies over the weekend (secret ingredient: no, not paprika, but sour cream… yummy!).

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Happy New Years!

I can not believe it is already 2009. In one year it will be 2010. I spent some time in December thinking about what I love in my life and most importantly, how I can incorporate my love into my life more. My passion is travel. I love all aspects of it. From the culture shock, to the new experiences, to the unparalleled educational opportunities and the people. Especially the people.  I try to travel  several times a year, but realistically I can’t physically go everywhere I want to, whenever I want to.

One of the things I loved about college was sharing my passion with other cultures with people who also wanted to learn about the other cultures. The more a professor would incorporate various media into our class assignments, the more I felt I understood the culture. It doesn’t replace traveling to the place, but it sure beats doing nothing. Thus, the birth of the idea.

This site is highly personal, because travel is personal. When I travel, there are certain experiences I really enjoy. I like to eat local, learn the history, visit the well known as well as the obscure. I like to talk to locals, learn the language, talk to visitors, walk, take photos… So, that’s what this site attempts.

How it Works

Right now, I plan to introduce a new destination once every 2-4 weeks. Each destination will be thoroughly discovered by blog posts that focus on a different part of the “vacation”. A week before we leave for a new destination, I will post movie and book suggestions for stories that are set in our upcoming destination. That gives everyone some time to acquire the movies and books. The first Monday I will formally introduce the city. Within the first week, we will share recipes, language tips, cultural information, history and images. The second week, we will talk about the various movie and book suggestions.

Your Participation

Sure, I’d love it if you can participate in all aspects of the journey. That’s not expected, though, because some people don’t like to cook, some don’t like to read. I will share all recipes, craft projects, language tips, and historical information. Make the recipes, watch a movie or two, read a book. Suggest a recipe, movie or book. Give us your opinion on what you see. What you like, what you don’t like. I want to get to know you, my traveling partner, and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together

Other Ways to Use This Information

I want this to be highly family friendly. I think travel is important and introducing it to kids? There’s nothing better. In my opinion, at least. So, with every destination I will do my best to find family-friendly movies and book options. I think it would make a great Friday or Saturday family night to watch one of these movies, cook up one of the recipes and read some of the historical, cultural and language tidbits, too. In fact, whenever possible, I will create a free downloadable “Fun Sheet” for the kids with some games and facts.

If you don’t have a family, don’t worry. I don’t have any kids and definitely need to have great conversation about the places we visit and the books or movies associated with it. I hope books and movies lead to real conversations. If you want to lead the conversation, let me know and we’ll work something out.

Whenever I post a recipe, movie, book, or art project and you participate in it. Let me know in the comments and include your impressions, or better yet, a link to your own blog! If you make something, post pictures! If you have a Travel From Home Family Night, tell me all about it on your blog!

The first destination is Budapest and begins on Monday, January 4. Hope to see you there!

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Hi! I’m glad you found my new website/blog, Travel From Home. A site that I’m really excited about because it’s a way to learn more about destinations around the world through methods other than traveling to those destinations. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel. I live to travel. However, I can’t always do that. And I still want to learn more. So, I’m going to use this site to learn more and I really hope you join me. Travel is so much more fun with other people, don’t you think?

I’m still setting everything up over here and plan to really launch the site with a better introduction than I can write at the moment. Here’s my suggestion to you. Come back! Make it easy to come back by subscribing to the rss feed (upper right hand corner). I’ll post my real introduction to the site on January 1, 2009. Which is just a little more than a week away.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. Don’t be shy. What’s your name? Do you have a blog? What’s the address? What do you think about travel? Where do you want to travel?  Do you have any questions for me? (I kind of touch on these answers on my “What is This?” page.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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